GodotWright Preview:

GodotWright is a conversion of PyWright into the Godot game engine. Besides having a cool Phoenix Wright themed name by happenstance, the new engine allows for a few cool things:


October 2023 - The fan case "The Contempt of Court" is completely playable through the first case.

November 2023 -

A preview build is available if you would like to try it out. The accuracy is very close to running the game in PyWright. Here's a handful of things that don't quite work correctly:

Preview Version 2

- Note that you can use ctrl-s and ctrl-l to quicksave and quickload. It's safest to only save when there is a textbox on the screen, some of the other interfaces won't save/load correctly and you can break your save. (This will be fixed in a later version)

Older PyWright downloads:

PyWright 0.9880 for Windows
PyWright 0.9880 for OSX
PyWright 0.9880 for android
PyWright 0.9880 source code

Content pacs

Art Pack


Color picker
Gif2strip script to download